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A DBG STORY (abridged)

DESIGN BY GOATS is a graphic design team based in Portland, OR. We help our clients tell their stories visually, through creative direction / illustration / logo design / brand consultation. We like to find the essence, fun, and singularity in any story that seeks to be told. We also have a thing for goats. Go Blazers.

The ashes of “the Great Recession” fertilized our creative spirits and galvanized our damn-the-torpedoes-ness when we, Kailee and Duke, formed Design By Goats. Back in 2012 we were sad souls, beaten down and frustrated by the lack of meaningful creative work opportunities while our fancy degrees gathered dust on our shelves and our hearts ached with the need to make cool things. So when we met each other we decided to make our own...


Goat Enthusiast, Co-Owner, Designer

Kailee is a very small and bright person (literally and figuratively, respectively). Her degree in Graphic Design saw her design with bold strokes and not take prisoners – unless it is regarding text in which she is very careful. She thrives on contrast and trying new things. She hails from Alaska, “The Great Land,” but always keeps a heater by her desk. Besides design, Kailee gets her creative fix as a dancer in SubRosa Dance Collective and has a background in both ballet and gymnastics. In fact, she teaches dance and gymnastics locally. She also loves to fish, play poker, and pan for gold. And she loves goats. -Duke

Dreams: Design chocolate packaging & sit court side at a Blazer game.
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Grand Emperor, Designer, & Photographer

Duke is the ‘idea man’ genius (seriously). If you want an awesomely unique creation, contact this guy. His ideas seem out of this world but somehow he forms them into glorious works of art. Duke has a Bachelor of Architecture from U of O, which means you can find him kicked back, wearing a 90’s Duck sweatshirt with a brew in hand during every football game (sometimes he even watches the games twice). He’s also a mean (by mean I mean really nice but really good) musician. He often creates his own music or co-creates in his band Shadow Strategy Task Force. Duke also has read just about everything Tolkien has ever written and could possibly beat Tolkien himself at Lord of the Rings trivia. -Kailee

Bucket list: Romance novel cover art, un-readable death metal art, anything for DameDolla
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