Anfield Shop


An official supplier of Liverpool Football Club merchandise, Anfield Shop contacted us for some apparel designs to sell in their shop. Needless to say, Duke was stoked.

They left the idea generation up to us. The briefs were open ended. So we played to our own experiences with Premier League Football (Duke’s experiences, if we’re being honest): they’re televised at weird hours and the fans in the US are almost cult-like in their outside-the-cultural-norm support for quality overseas soccer. We also wanted to be different than the usual athletic supporter apparel (yawn). We toyed with presenting artwork of Robbie Fowler snorting a chalk line but in the end we didn’t think the club would sign off on it and we also didn’t want to get fired. Instead we drew on a sense of local (west coast) pride, hand-drawn qualities, lettering, and some sprinkles of Liverpool-y shapes and details.