Breakers Mark 10-Year Apparel


ROLE: Design & Print

Breakers Mark is the longest running “mixed” ultimate frisbee team in Portland and 2016 was their 10-year anniversary. Such laurels! To celebrate this milestone of sport, bourbon, and self-love they wanted to indulge in some new swag and we wanted give them something special.

Talking with the team’s “schwag committee” we agreed that the design should refer to their infamous 10 rules: 4 of which range from practical to asinine, and the other 6 are highly debatable and/or forgotten – or perhaps never existed in the first place.

Our literal process: take an empty Maker’s Mark bottle, change the text to something clever that suits the team and circumstance, pour in hand-lettered rules while making sure the contested rules (4-9) remain ambiguous by covering them the label, drip some wax over the top, add some gold stuff to make it all seem fancy.

We also screen printed the shirts AND made trucker hats with an alternate design.