Creative Action Network


ROLE: print design

Creative Action Network is a wonderful non-profit that uses visually-based, crowdsourced campaigns to help bring awareness to a number of important issues while simultaneously advertising and advocating for their contributing artists. We highly recommended submitting work and/or perusing the pages and pages of amazing designs. IF you make a purchase, a large portion of that money goes to THAT artist while smaller amounts are distributed to support the individual campaigns.

Design By Goats has had a long relationship with Creative Action Network that started with the See America! campaign. Our Multnomah Falls poster was exhibited at the US Embassy in Bahrain and our Redwoods design was published in the 2014 NPCA Annual Report AND was exhibited at the Department of Interior in Washington, DC AND was included in the recently published See America! book (which you can order right here)!

What Makes America Great / Space Exploration:

“Exploring what is beyond our planet is an awesome endeavor. We not only learn about the makeup of the universe, we learn about ourselves as a species and spark the imaginations and excitement of children and adults alike. I am proud to live in a nation that leads the way in space exploration and who allies with many nations in the name of science, exploration, and the advancement of humanity – and an advancement we may someday rely on.” – Duke

What Makes America Great / Welcoming All People:

“I was inspired by an interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg – she says that as a country we are not mindful enough about what makes America great, “the idea of our nation being receptive to all people, welcoming all people” and “the notion that in our nation we are many and yet we are one,” really resonates with me as we enter the first days of a new presidency. “The New Colossus,” by Emma Lazarus, is on the Statue of Liberty: the most prominent symbol of Americas most welcoming spirit!” – Kailee

Get Money Out Of Politics:

This design is for a campaign spearheaded by Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s fame) and his project: The Stampede. This shirt design is meant to be a conversation starter so it was kept bold and simple along with some added texturing and colors to tie into the existing Stampede brand.

Space Mission Patch Campaign / Voskhod 2:

“At one point in my life I worked on ocean going vessels and I had the unique opportunity to jump from a barge into the middle of the Pacific Ocean – literally thousands of miles from any land. When I plunged into the water my mind was immediately hit by a the vastness of where I was in that moment: a solitary speck whose legs were dangling thousands of feet above an unknown abyss and thousands of miles from anything above the ocean’s surface. I was overwhelmed. I was literally, and figuratively, groundless. There was a sense of flying, excitement, loneliness, and an unnerving fear that is very complicated to explain. I compare that moment with the first human to ever “walk” in space and I can only imagine what his experience was like. An incredible human experience, to be strapped to the familiar by only a tether. This is primarily what I was trying to capture with this design: the vastness of space, the smallness of man, and the weirdness that Alexey Leonov must have felt to be floating in an infinitely growing vacuum. I also highly recommend reading about this mission as the two cosmonauts had one hell of an adventure.” – Duke

Space Mission Patch Campaign / Apollo 14

“Researching space missions is absolutely fascinating – all the accidental discoveries, side experiments, and human stories! In space! The story of the ?Moon Trees? is so wacky and cool that it stuck with me even while I lost myself in a black hole of learning about so many mission successes, failures, and progress. Astronaut Stuart A. Roosa was a former smoke jumper. Through his connections to the forest service, Roosa was asked to carry around 500 tree seeds in his personal kit during the 1971 Apollo 14 mission. Despite a momentary scare when the seed containers bursted open upon arrival back on earth, the seeds unexpectedly germinated after being brought to a lab! The moon orbiting seeds were then planted all over the world and are still growing to this day! So keep an eye out for “Moon Trees” – they look exactly like Earth trees. :)” – Kailee

A More Perfect Union:

Celebrating our slightly more perfect union following the United States Supreme Court affirming the constitutional right of all couples to get married in all 50 states.


Time For A Political Climate Change:

Working Families Party (WFP) and Creative Action Network have teamed up to create a series of designs celebrating five of WFP’s core issues. As WFP grows state by state, becoming a leading national player in the fights that matter to working families, artists around the country are helping visualize WFP’s core causes to mobilize their community.


Check out the amazing collection of artwork at their website:!