Gratuitous Brewing Company

ROLE: Branding & Brewery Logo design

Coming soon to a Portland area warehouse near you!

Some context: when one hears “GRATUITOUS” shrieked on the sideline of an ultimate frisbee game, it’s usually because a player has “layed out” or dove or hit the ground in such fantastic fashion that they warrant a good heckle. Sportsmanship! Anyway, the mastermind behind Gratuitous Brewing Company, an avid ultimate player with a SICK break flick, is creating a brewery that specializes in adjuncts and low abv specialty beers. Beers that one might deign to call GRATUITOUS!” To quote the great Bruce Springsteen, “but mama that’s where the fun is.”

Design intent per client: simplicity for easy recognition but with a subtle shout out to the ultimate frisbee community. Something that can stand out amongst other designs in the beer industry. Something that creates a graphic language that is adaptable while maintaining a visual consistency when promoting distinctly different beers. What better explanation than a human figure gratuitously laying out for a delicious beer? What more simple than a distorted version of the figure seen on bathroom doors across the globe? We hope to keep growing this brand and add more design pieces to their kit-of-parts!