The Palace

ROLE: branding and print design

Logo and branding for our shared workspace: a converted warehouse full of makers, creators, artists, and musicians:

“Collectively we form a community that defines and redefines itself through natural collaboration and cross-pollination – generating a more vibrant daily experience for ourselves and the world around us.”

In that spirit, this project was a pretty collaborative process with our landlord (shoutout to Nathan) as well as other tenants, to create a branding toolkit that is adaptive, collaborative, tactile, and unique. The folks in the building have bonded and collaborated in many ways and this was an important point to make with the branding.

Nathan initially came up with the idea of hands, which made a lot of sense to us. After some back and forth about what hands were the right hands, we had the notion to use a bunch of different hands along with a looser idea of the “logo.” Multiple hands, many of which were drawn by different Palace tenants, signify all the busy hands doing their unique thing within the building, thereby creating its own fluid tapestry and a variety of graphic uses.

Along the way the design language was being created. There are 5 basic elements that make up the branding package: the hands, the title font, the sketchy lines, the building elevation, and the colors. Different combinations for different uses.